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My discovery:

I have been investigating the world of empaths for about 2 years, now. There is so much information out there and a lot of it is contradictory. It is really confusing. The part I detest most, a lot of empaths are tied to the new age movement. If you are at all familiar with the word of God and practice Christianity, you understand how the Holy Spirit plays a vital role in your life, and it is through him, we are able to tap into these wonderful gifts that not only edify and lift up the body of believers through spiritual gifting but also glorify our Father. We also recognize that the abilities and natural gifting’s we all carry is a direct result of God working through us to further his kingdom opposed to the mediums and psychics etc… who try to obtain the same results through the spirit world of craft, tonics, crystals, séance, yoga, transcendentalism, hypnosis and the like.

How you choose to use your uniqueness, empathic or empath skills determines where the power comes from. Sadly and thankfully, you can’t be in both pools. You are either living for the light, God’s light or the darkness, Lucifer’s darkness. He is the ultimate deceiver and sadly, many people fall into these seductive lies that will strip you of your innocence and taint your soul. Once you become enmeshed with the darkness, many are not even aware of the devastation it will bring to your daily life. Many people feel cursed, like a heavy shadow is hovering over them. They feel confused treading between feeling enlightenment and burden. Despite your sage, crystals, tonics, spiritual emblems and mediation practices, you still cannot gain a consistent sense of peace. It becomes a daily chore to keep up with the routines, and if you are off, it must be a result of not doing something just right. It is truly senseless and cumbersome. The good news, you can always be washed clean through the blood of Jesus. You just have to ask him to come into your life and repent (acknowledge) your shortcomings and ask him to be your Savior, believing and professing that he is the son of God who walked in the flesh. You can also ask for the Holy Spirit to fill you with his anointing. You will see more miracles and experience more freedom in him then in all of the years you practiced paganism, witchcraft, occult, new age modalities. I promise.  You will also begin to see through the deception and recognize all the lies you previously believed. It will make you angry and it will hopefully push you to speak out.  Here is an excerpt of an article I wrote and published on http://truthprophecy.com/creationism-vs-occult-paganism-new-age/. If you are interested in understanding how the new age movement developed check out the link. Excerpt:

God creates Holy Angels “sons of God.” Lucifer the most beautiful of all angels fights with God. Lucifer (Satan) and third of God’s Holy Angels follow him and are hurled to earth. Battles begin between God’s Holy Angels and Lucifer’s fallen angels. God creates Man “children of God. “Man is tempted by Satan and succumbs by eating the apple from tree of knowledge, which Satan knew would bring them death. God kicks Adam and Eve out of the Garden into the world to live out their remaining days because they would not repent for their sin (take responsibility for their actions). Angels called “Watchers” 200 total, sin against God by taking on human wives and bearing children called Nephilim, giants.  In turn, these Fallen Angels teach their human-wives secrets from the heavenlies. Azazel taught man how to make swords, knives, armor, shields from the metals of the earth. He also taught women to make mirrors, jewelry, make up and wearing of precious stones. This eventually led mankind to fornicate and become corrupt. Semyaza taught enchantments and root cutting; Armaros taught how to resolve enchantments; Barakel taught astrology; Kokabel taught constellations; Temel taught-astrology and Asradel taught about the moon (book of Enoch).  As you can see, fallen angels are the ones who taught humanity the ways of the occult, it is that old but not older than God. The new age is the old age and is the new age. God has seen everything under the sun, there is nothing that can be created or taken away that he has not already witnessed. He is the beginning and the end. He is the creator of all things.  Check out the link above to read a more in depth understanding as to why. Don’t be afraid to check out the wealth of information provided through different links.

Despite all of the new age crap out there, some people seem to really get it. Caroline Van Kimmenade, owner of the happy sensitive website gets it. You can be a Christian and seek her help. She doesn’t draw from a new age agenda nor does she bother with religion at all. She simply helps the person seeking, to understand their gifting better. She can help teach practical skills that help people like us need to rid of toxic energy, cut cords, stop sponging and to learn how to live from a proactive stance. Happy sensitive also provides coaching and online sessions to determine whether you are an empath (clairsentient), highly sensitive person or both. http://thehappysensitive.com/.  She even goes further with understanding narcissism and how these people will destroy your inner peace and sense of presence, if you let them. First hand, Caroline provides in depth truth and realty of what people like us inevitably attract, the narcissist.  She has helped my growth in the areas of empaths ability as well as why and how I have attracted narcissist into my life. These folks are toxic and will take your innate desire to heal, trash it and you to pieces. Feel free to check out her website, she has many articles with great information as well.  Being a professional mental health and biblical counselor, I still don’t understand everything, but I do recognize empaths are dealing with the supernatural abilities, not psychological logic. Throw the psychology away if you are going to try and grasp your new reality.

Holy Spirit gifts are available to  any believer who is baptized in the Holy Spirit at any time per Holy Spirits choosing. However, based on my theory of personality and temperament which God gives in the womb, most types have the same or very similar gifting.  For example, I am abstract, fall within the idealist temperament and have the gift of dreams. This means I dream every night, multiple dreams in color and they come true or are part of a bigger prophetic picture . As a counselor, I can easily tap into other knowing or wisdom about my clients, if God desires. I have keen discernment in the spiritual realm, yes, I can feel evil presences.  This does not mean that everyone will have the same gifting but they will correlate with your given temperament and  personality.  So just because you have a knowing or see visions or have dreams or notice things you saw come true, does not mean you are a medium, clairvoyant or psychic. It means you have a calling to something bigger in God’s kingdom. We all do. Before you start dabbling in the occult or witchcraft and even worse all of that new age crap, consider going the one who created you and your gifting, GOD.  If you desire to understand yourself or think you may be an empath, give me a call today. I can help from a Christian biblical perspective.

I have added some links for your pleasure seeking empath knowledge.