Author Amy C Choisser Updated on September 12, 2014  When Porn Addiction Turns into a Sex Addiction Pornography Addiction is on the rise. Just ask any local counselor or church center how many of their clients are seeking help with internet porn addiction. It is becoming a lucrative business for some. For others… well, if… Read More

Silent marriage killer-excessive worry and anxiety Today’s culture of excessive worry Many people in today’s culture struggle with pathological worry. In fact, many mental health professionals spend countless hours trying to understand and figure out how to help individuals who live, dine in, and sleep in constant anxiety and worry. As Viktor Frankel stated certain… Read More

Traits of the Borderline…. This is a combination of information found on Borderline personality disorder. I am not the author of any of these articles, although these articles are very informative for those who may think they are borderline or think someone the know may be.   Kings and Queens of Chaos  Borderline personality disorder… Read More