Being a Christian who is also a counselor or therapist is NOT the same as being a Biblical CounselorIt is so much more than being able to talk about God or referencing scripture.  It is a foundation to living, a basic standard we as God’s children are called to understand and live by, that is, if we want to experience all of the blessings God has for us individually and collectively. The counselor needs to have a certificate or diploma in Biblical Counseling and a Mental Health degree.   

Typically pastoral counselors can provide the latter but lack in mental health training, needed to effectively help with mental illness, family dynamics, cultural times, spiritual realm, marriage as well as individual care from a holistic perspective -mind, spiritual,  emotional. Typically they  do not have this skill set unless they specify that they also carry a mental health counseling degree. Pastoral counselors  also adhere to an affiliation or church standard that more than likely is not biblical so they counsel from a tainted perspective.  

Biblical counseling also helps others to understand or fill in the gaps of who God says he is through His word, not church, religion or what an institution of theology says. Biblical Counselors need to have a standard master degree in counseling as well as a certificate, diploma, or degree in Christian counseling.


  • Takes the BIBLE as complete TRUTH and SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY .
  • Scripture is used to prove and express God’s expectations, desires, promises & teachings for living in daily freedom.
  • It also helps clients to grow in deeper awareness and intimacy to God, Christ & Holy Spirit.
  • It teaches how to live from a Kingdom Perspective.
  • God meets us right where we are! God prepares our hearts to receive, through the Holy Spirit within, when he is ready to move us forward. We just have to trust, have faith and ask and respond.
  • Christ is our Savior!
  • Only God can take our brokenness and carry us through to complete healing; wholeness in Him. This not only frees us to be what He made us for-to fulfill our God given purpose-but also brings him Glory!

We are required to know God’s word, live God’s way, and understand the complexities of living in today’s world. We need to be non-judging, filled with the Holy Spirit, compassionate, grace filled, exhibit mercy, love, and speak in truth. We must be disciples of Christ as well as willing and able to help others walk the same path, if they desire.


Primary Objective:

Each client is to first feel safe, heard, understood and filled with hope- in knowing God is our Sovereign King- and it is He alone who protects us, cares for us, and sets us free.We just need to understand the part we play and how to respond out of that.

This is where a lot of people get stuck, and in turn, believe God has either left them or they can’t quite measure up to His standards, “whatever those standards really are!”
You should also be able to walk out of each session growing deeper in your personal  awareness & relationship with God. Learn what it means to pray effectively, understand how praise & thanksgiving bring us into worship with God, how that affects our individual lives, as well as the spiritual realm. You should be able to grasp what it means to be surrendered, what walking in obedience looks like-Being set Apart for Christ- and how to live out of a Kingdom perspective.
All these understandings will naturally embed into each person’s heart which only encourages growth, creating unwavering Faith! With Faith comes deeper truth (more choice, responsibility)and with Truth comes Freedom in Christ; freedom to be who you are suppose to be before everyone else “wrote on your heart!”