A safe, secure, non-judging environment is necessary for you to find greater understanding of your needs and desired changes.
I am simply here to help you navigate to your desired outcome by providing expertise with encouragement & truth. It is amazing how you can be holding on to past trauma and hurts, only to continue re-living them in the present without being aware. If you are ready to learn how to become more self-aware and live from an assertive framework for tackling daily life, give me a call TODAY.



I utilize cognitive behavioral techniques to help bring action forth and solution focused therapy to work in the here and now  when working with  adolescents 12-19 &  adults.  A sliding scale is available for those who are in financial constraints. Affordable high quality counseling without breaking the bank!


Every session is 100% Confidential! No one is privileged to your privacy without your permission. unless you are under the age of 16 years. Your records are summoned by the courts. or you have threatened to harm yourself or someone else. You also have ongoing access to your MH records.




Not sure, check out The Christian Empath



Do you have vivid dreams that have plagued you or happen frequently and need someone to talk to, wonder what they mean?

ARE YOU HIGHLY SENSITIVE? Maybe you feel overwhelmed in public or feel like your energy is zapped after spending to much time in a chaotic environment. This is called being highly sensitive or an empath. Being one myself, it can be an awakening once you figure out what this means for you and how to live more productively. If you think this may be you, call today! I can help you learn new strategies and bring a new awareness. Check out The Christian Empath today for a free consultation and packages to work on becoming a confident empath and receive one on one coaching!

ARE YOU IN AN EMOTIONALLY ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP and need help understanding why? Do you need insight from an objective party? Do you need to make changes?


Take the 8 week Premarital Certification Course that reduces the price of marriage certificate once completed and helps your marriage long-term.

 ARE YOU FEELING A DESIRE TO KNOW GOD and GROW IN RELATIONSHIP TO CHRIST? Do you feel the need or desire to repent of your past and live

for God now? if so, call today!

 Are you living with Adult ADHD/ADD?  Don’t worry I can help! As a proactive Adult ADD person, I can help with new strategies, coping mechanisms, and everyday ways to feel like a worthwhile productive person. You are not a lost cause.